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Develop your Penetration Testing Skills with Ethical Hacker Pro

TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro offers a focused and thorough learning experience for those interested in ethical hacking. This course combines clear, easy-to-understand content with hands-on lab exercises, aiming to equip learners with the essential skills for a career in ethical hacking.

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Shaping tomorrow's ethical hacking experts

Comprehensive learning journey
Interactive, hands-on learning experiences that cover a wide range of penetration testing concepts.
White hat penetration testing principles
System vulnerabilities assessment, web application security, and ethical hacking standards.


Course Outline
Common job role targets
Ethical Hacker, Information Security Analyst, Information Security Manager, IT Security Consultant

Featuring over 73 interactive labs, the Ethical Hacker Pro curriculum ensures that learners not only understand the theory behind ethical hacking but also gain the practical skills needed to succeed in the field.

  • Practical exercises cover a wide array of skills including how to conduct penetration tests, exploit system vulnerabilities, defend against and analyze malware attacks, and how to secure network communications.
  • You'll take a deep dive into the key concepts of ethical hacking, including understanding attack vectors, developing strategies for system security enhancement, and mastering the principles of digital forensics.
  • Our Ethical Hacker Pro system ensure significant hands-on training with common ethical hacking tools and technologies, including but not limited to Kali Linux, Metasploit, Nmap, Wireshark, and Burp Suite.
  • Engaging lab simulations that mirror the challenges ethical hackers face in the real world, from initial reconnaissance and system exploitation to securing systems and responding to cyber incidents.

What skills will you learn?

Penetration testing

Learn the fundamentals of penetration testing including how to assess system vulnerabilities and execute controlled attacks to improve security.

System hacking

Develop the skills to exploit system vulnerabilities, gaining unauthorized access and understanding how to protect against such intrusions.

Web servers & web applications

Learn to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in web servers and applications, and how to secure them against potential attacks.

Social & physical security

Understand the techniques used in social engineering attacks and the measures to secure physical and digital assets.

Malware & sniffers

Learn about malware and network sniffers and how to defend against these tools in cybersecurity.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile devices

Gain insight into the security challenges and protections for wireless communications and mobile devices.

Reconnaissance & enumeration

Master the initial phases of ethical hacking, including gathering information and identifying system vulnerabilities.

Session hijacking & denial of service

Learn the tactics used in session hijacking and DoS attacks, and how to protect systems from such threats.

Cloud computing & Internet of Things (IoT)

Understand the unique security considerations for cloud environments and IoT devices, and how to safeguard them.

Scanning & analyzing vulnerabilities

Master the ability to use scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities and analyze them for risk assessment.

IDS, firewalls, & honeypots

Learn to configure and utilize intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and honeypots to enhance network security.

SQL injections & cryptography

Learn about SQL injection attacks and the use of cryptography to secure data.



Our curriculum enhances problem-solving capabilities and expands knowledge with interactive videos, fact sheets, and lab simulations.


Partake in hands-on cybersecurity training with simulations mirroring cyber defense situations followed by immediate feedback to reinforce learning.


Develop expert problem-solving strategies through varied lab scenarios that mimic real-life cybersecurity attacks and use your knowledge to protect against them.


Ethical Hacker Pro provides a complete array of ethical hacking educational resources on a unified platform, making the learning experience efficient and effective.

Update Your Classroom and Curriculum

Integrate Ethical Hacker Pro into your curriculum to provide your students with the critical skills needed for the next generation of white hat hackers.

For Educators
  • No additional software licenses required
  • Customizable exams and quizzes
  • Real-time reporting gives visability
  • Adaptable to classroom needs
  • All-in-one solution ready on day one
  • Fast setup, training, & LMS integration
  • Robust prep for certification exam
  • Aligns with the TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro certification
For Students
  • Instant feedback on labs and exams
  • Self-grading labs, exams, and learning review activities
  • Ability to work at their own pace
  • Engaging content that caters to diverse learning preferences
  • Works on PC, Mac, & Chromebook
  • Engaging for different learning styles
  • Includes TestOut's performance-based certification voucher
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Build your confidence & resume

Your course includes a voucher to take the performance-based TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro Certification. Certified individuals can showcase their digital certification badges to demonstrate their skills to future employers.


Get the skills needed for entry-level ethical hacking success.

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Effectively train on 60+ technologies

Learning ethical hacking requires setting up complex environments to safely practice skills, such as scanning ports and devices, executing network attacks, analyzing network traffic, and creating backdoors. Setting up such environments is a very difficult and time-consuming task.

TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro not only teaches hundreds of these critical concepts, but also provides complete environments where you can safely start practicing hacking and attack skills on day one.

Here are three reasons you'll love it:

  • No configuring networks or computers and no software setup requirements.
  • Save time and money using our complete plan and avoiding costly equipment and its required maintenance.
  • TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro is the most efficient and affordable all-in-one training option available.

TestOut is passionate about improving the lives of learners. We’ve crafted this course to be enjoyable and effective for different learning styles and accessibility needs.


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The Complete Training Solution

One Platform. Everything Included.

Ethical Hacker Pro prepares learners for real-life ethical hacking scenarios, simulating security breaches in a controlled IT environment. This forward-thinking method prepares learners with the skills highly sought after in the cybersecurity field, serving as an effective, virtual internship in ethical hacking techniques.



    What's Included:

    • Lab simulations: 65
    • Video lessons: 88
    • Demonstrations: 79
    • Text lessons: 96
    • Section quizzes: 63
    • Certification practice exams: 2
    • Exam voucher for TestOut’s 100% performance-based certification exam: 1

    Lab technology makes real-world scenarios possible

    Throughout the course, students gain experience with the industry’s top software and key tools for ethical hacking. They are pre-loaded into the course so your students will have everything they need to succeed at the beginning of their coursework. These technologies include multiple operating systems and interfaces:

    Ethical Hacker Pro simulates:

    • Kali Linux
    • Windows 10
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Server 2016
    • Cisco Security Appliances
    • Ettercap
    • John the Ripper
    • Metasploit
    • Nmap
    • BitLocker
    • Aircrack-ng
    • Wireshark
    • BurpSuite
    • Windows Defender
    • and many others
    Ethical Hacking

    Ethical Hacker Pro was designed and customized to ensure it is an ideal complement or replacement for your existing physical and virtual labs. It will leave your students prepared and ready for their careeers in the cybersecurity and ethical hacking world.

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