CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Practice Questions

Question 1
Joe, a security analyst, is asked by a co-worker, "What is this AAA thing all about in the security world? Sounds like something I can use for my car." Which of the following terms should Joe discuss in his response to his co-worker? (Select THREE).

A. Accounting
​B. Accountability
​C. Authorization
D. Authentication
E. Access
F. Agreement

Question 2
A system administrator is configuring accounts on a newly established server. Which of the following characteristics BEST differentiates service accounts from other types of accounts?

A. They can often be restricted in privilege.
​B. They are meant for non-person entities.
​C. They require special permissions to OS files and folders.
D. They remain disabled in operations.
E. They do not allow passwords to be set.

Question 3
Recently, a company has been facing an issue with shoulder surfing. Which of the following safeguards would help with this?

A. Screen filters
​B. Biometric authentication
​C. Smart cards
D. Video cameras

Question 4
The process of presenting a user ID to a validating system is known as:

A. authorization.
​B. authentication.
​C. identification.
D. single sign-on.

Question 5
An input field that is accepting more data than has been allocated for it in memory is an attribute of:

A. buffer overflow.
​B. memory leak.
​C. cross-site request forgery.
D. resource exhaustion.

Question 6
Which of the following if used would BEST reduce the number of successful phishing attacks?

A. Two-factor authentication
​B. Application layer firewall
​C. Mantraps
D. User training

Security+ (SY0-501) Answer Key

Question 1) ​A. Accounting, C. Authorization, and D. Authentication

Question 2) B. They are meant for non-person entities.

Question 3) A. Screen filters

Question 4) ​C. identification.

Question 5) A. buffer overflow.

Question 6) D. User training