CompTIA Project+ Practice Questions

Question 1
Which of the following project team organization structures gives the MOST authority to the project manager?

A. Functional
B. Matrix
C. Projectized
D. Cross-functional

Question 2
Which of the following is the FIRST step in recording a risk in the risk register?
A. Risk identification
B. Risk planning
C. Risk quantification
D. Risk management

Question 3
A company has dictated project scope changes but has stated that the original budget still applies. Which of the following will MOST likely be impacted by the changes?
A. Project initiation
B. Regulations
C. Schedule
D. Project team

Question 4
A project manager has identified performance shortcomings with a new project team member. Which of the following is the MOST effective way of addressing the problem?
A. Face-to-face meeting
B. Formal performance plan
C. Email communications
D. Phone conversation

Question 5
During the execution phase of an ongoing project, a project manager realizes management has decreased the project's priority due to two other higher-priority projects that have just started. Which of the following effects will this MOST likely have on the ongoing project?
A. Loss of resources
B. Decreased risks
C. Increased cost
D. Change in requirements

Question 6
A key stakeholder asks the project manager to send status reports twice a week. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?
A. Update the risk management plan.
B. Update the communications plan.
C. Update the schedule.
D. Update the issue log.

Question 7
Which of the following is MOST likely to be considered as a team building event?
A. Onboarding process
B. Milestone celebration
C. Project meeting
D. Key stakeholder meeting

Question 8
Which of the following is required in a business case?
A. Justification
B. Schedule
C. Portfolio strategy
D. List of requirements

Question 9
A new project manager is assigned to take over a project that is already underway. The project manager wants to quickly determine if any risk events have occurred in the project. Which of the following would be the BEST document for the project manager to review?
A. Risk register
D. RACI matrix

Question 10
A new business is discovered to have copied products from another business. Which of the following documents will MOST likely be used between the two businesses?
A. Letter of intent
B. Non-disclosure agreement
C. Cease and desist letter
D. Memorandum of understanding

Project+ Answer Key

Question 1) C. Projectized

Question 2) A. Risk identification

Question 3) C. Schedule

Question 4) A. Face-to-face meeting

Question 5) A. Loss of resources

Question 6) B. Update the communications plan.

Question 7) B. Milestone celebration

Question 8) A. Justification

Question 9) A. Risk register

Question 10) C. Cease and desist letter