Performance Based Question FAQs

The following questions and answers may be useful to test takers as they answer a performance based question within the exam.

Question: The instructions window in the practice simulation PBQ covers part of the workspace. If I close this window in the real exam to answer the question, can I reopen it if needed?

Answer: Yes, the item question and instructions are always available within a simulation PBQ and can be minimized, moved, and resized as needed. Press the show question button to bring the question back to the screen. The same is not true for virtual PBQs. Virtual PBQs do not cover the exam environment and must be completed when they are encountered.

Question: What does the Reset button within a simulation PBQ do? Does it restart the question, or the entire exam—and will it delete any work that I have already completed?

Answer: The Reset button inside a simulation PBQ will reset that question only. It will entirely remove any work you have completed for that question but nothing else. Selecting the Reset button will allow you to begin the question again.

Question: How do I move to the next question in the exam after completing a PBQ?

Answer: Pressing the Next or Previous buttons on the bottom right-hand side of the screen will take you to the subsequent questions in the exam. Remember, if you are working on a virtual PBQ, you will NOT be able to return to the item. You can return to simulation PBQs. If you select the Next or Previous buttons and have completed any work toward your answer, your work on a simulation PBQ will be saved.

Question: If there is more than one way to get to a correct answer on a question, does the exam scoring address that?

Answer: Yes. There may be questions for which there is more than one way to get to a correct answer. In those cases, the candidate will receive a correct score if the correct solution to the problem is achieved.

Question: Is partial credit given if I answer part of a PBQ correctly?

Answer: There may questions for which partial credit is offered. However, exam questions and their scoring are confidential, so no further information can be provided regarding which questions may offer partial credit.