CompTIA On-Demand Webinars

We keep webinars for 90 days after their original presentation available to you as recent on-demand webinars. Webinars that were held more than 90 days before may be available in Insight & Tools.

  • The Power of TechTalent

    February 13, 2018 3:00 PM

    3pm CT / 4pm ET
    Join the CompTIA AITP team to learn about the power of TechTalent. With TechTalent, you can use tech industry data from Burning Glass powered by artificial intelligence to find areas to specialize in IT, build a data-driven resume and put your technology career on track.

  • Office Hours with CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist James Stanger

    February 7, 2018 11:00 AM

    Feb 7, 11am CT / 9am PT
    Office Hours with James is a series of monthly virtual meetings with James Stanger, our Chief Technology Evangelist. During these sessions, James meets with IT professionals and students from around the world to teach them essential IT skills.

    The topic for February 7th is practical Linux security. We're going to finish up some command line basics, then get into using Nmap and Wireshark. We'll be talking about how individuals can use Linux to get ahead in the gig economy. The focus is in practical, hands-on application of skills. We've got a great group going - looking forward to having more folks join!

    * CEU-approved for A+, Network+, Security+, CASP, Cloud+ and CSA+ recertification.”

  • Cyber Essentials Part 2 - powered by the UK Channel Community: You have 99 problems, but cyber security isn’t one of them - how data protection leads to more sales (and less fines)

    February 6, 2018 9:00 AM

    3pm GMT London / 9am CT Chicago
    As we leave a challenging year in security behind us and now look forward to 2018, there are a number of key developments and trends to forecast for the year ahead.

    "Comply or die", "welcome to the wild west of cybercrime" and “tomorrow you are going to get hacked” are a few so-called marketing strategies to sell cyber security today. But is it really that scary and expensive to protect one’s assets? 

    Thomas and Jamie from CyberSmart are going to dispel these questions. Drawing from their vast knowledge and experience in running a cyber consultancy, they have created the first automated data compliance platform for SMEs, tapping into a real market need for greater compliance automation.

    Thomas and Jamie will share their knowledge around cyber security, data security compliance, GDPR and Cyber Essentials. Through their work with MSPs and consultancies, they provide a highly relevant view on cybersecurity.  As members of the first GCHQ accelerator, Seedcamp and CyLon, they have many stories to share to help you learn from others and identify opportunities to become stickier with your clients. Sign up and get your toughest questions ready.

  • Drones and Smart Cities: Transforming the Lives of Citizens

    January 18, 2018 1:30 PM

    130pm CT / 230pm ET
    As cities become denser and more urban, they are relying on technology to help them accommodate the influx of new residents and improve quality of life for their citizens. Cities have become some of the most vibrant and progressive places for technological development. The influx of this technology helps develop smart cities. Smart city technology often starts with the need to deliver services more rapidly and more efficiently to residents. One of those key technologies is drones. Today, thousands of drones are already being used to improve city life: drones are being used to document accident scenes, support first responder activities, and monitor construction sites. Soon drones will be a key component of package delivery. In the future, connected drones will navigate autonomously through cities.

    Speaker info:
    -Jason Nelson, Executive Director, Partnership Engagement, Smart Cities Council

    -Matthew Satterley, Federal Public Policy Manager, AirMap

    -Professor Camillo Jose Taylor, Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania

         *This is not a CEU eligible webinar

  • Office Hours with CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist James Stanger

    January 10, 2018 11:00 AM

    11am CT / 12pm ET
    As a follow-up to the Linux Security session during CompTIA Plus Conference, join us for “Office hours with James” to learn more about navigating the Linux command line, installing applications, and then using security tools on Linux.

    Once you register, be sure to complete the advance prep work listed in the confirmation email to get the most out of this session. A copy of the prep worksheet is listed here also.

    Download Linux Office Hours Prep sheet

         * CEU-approved for A+, Network+, Security+, CASP, Cloud+ and CSA+ recertification.

  • Increase Services Revenue with New Print Possibilities

    December 13, 2017 1:00 PM

    1pm CT / 2pm ET
    If you are in the tech service business, you are always looking for additional services to drive revenue.  This webinar uses data from Keypoint Intelligence and CompTIA to highlight opportunities in automated business processes, document management and cloud, security print tools, and the future of print.  If you are already in print, discover things to enhance your service offerings. If you are not yet in print, learn how the barrier to enter the print space has been lifted and how easily these services can be added to your existing catalog.

         *This is not a CEU eligible webinar

  • Business Associates are NOT Responsible for Clients’ HIPAA Compliance, BUT You Still Might Be At-Risk Powered by the IT Security Community

    November 30, 2017 1:00 PM

    1pm CT / 2pm ET

    HIPAA covers health care organizations and businesses that support them, including MSPs and cloud services. Can you get in trouble for something your client does? What if they don’t follow your advice? Are you liable? Should you just avoid healthcare clients, so you don’t have to worry? What can you do to protect your reputation and your money?

    HIPAA expert Mike Semel will answer these questions during a 1-hour IT Security community webinar on Thursday, November 30. Time will be left for your questions and comments.

         * This is not a CEU eligible webinar

  • The Drone Hype, Market and Opportunity

    November 28, 2017 1:00 PM

    1pm CT / 2pm ET
    Did you know the drone market is expected to surpass $12 Billion by 2021? Or that there are 40,000 plus FAA Certified Drone Operators? Join Chris Phillips, Director of CompTIA’s Industry Advisory Councils, along with Arlin Sorensen, CEO of HTS-Ag for a look at the Drone Industry and what you should know about this fast growing market.
    Topics will include:

    • Vertical market business applications;
    • Key industry insights;
    • Ways to add Drone technology to your future service portfolio.
    From hardware to hype, Arlin will share a real life case study from his “Techno-Farm”. You don’t want to miss this fast flying, fun webinar!

         * This is not a CEU eligible webinar

  • Stories from the Cybercrime Battlefield: Forward into 2018

    November 28, 2017 9:00 AM

    3pm London GMT / 9am CT

    As we leave a challenging year in security and look forward to 2018, there are a number of key developments and trends to watch.

    1. GDPR rises to the top of the list as a potentially massive disruptive force in the Channel.
    2. Cyber Weapons were unleashed in 2017 and landed into many corporate networks. Are businesses now cyber-collateral damage?
    3. Poor IoT security has given rise to powerful Bot nets capable of massive DDOS attacks. Will MSPs, ITSP and Channel Vendors move in unison to mitigate this emerging threat?
    4. Finally, what are the 2017 success stories that can help pave the way forwards? What is the next generation of products and services which will grow in importance and provide security in 2018?