CompTIA On-Demand Webinars

We keep webinars for 90 days after their original presentation available to you as recent on-demand webinars. Webinars that were held more than 90 days before may be available in Insight & Tools.

  • The Role of Satellites in Disaster Management and Recovery

    June 12, 2019 12:00 PM

    12pm CT / 1pm ET
    Over the course of the past few years, the US has experienced a series of catastrophic weather events that have affected our mainland and cost our nation billions of dollars. As first responders, cities, and businesses try to address continuity concerns, data connectivity is essential. One of the initial and most reliable sources for data connectivity is through satellite communications. Please join us as satellite industry leaders discuss the very latest technological advancements in addressing data connectivity in the era of disaster management and recovery.

  • Canadian Tech Showcase – How IoT and Smart Buildings are Driving Innovation

    May 23, 2019 9:30 AM

    1030am ET / 930am CT
    Smart buildings are no longer a dream of the future. The Internet of things, big data,cloud computing, mobile devices, and mobile computing are forcesshaping everything we do at work, at home, and at play – and your building automation system.
    Join Cisco’s Director, Smart Building Digitization, William MacGowan, on May 23rd at10:30, for this CompTIA Canadian Business Technology community webinar, where you will learn how IoT is transforming the way buildings are designed, built, managed and experienced, how the early adoption of smart building designs reducebuild and fit out costs, and how every building system can be controlled from anywhere improving service through innovation!

    Key Findings we'll explore:

    • In the IT world we connect to devices like phones and cameras and security
      access points, and then along comes this world of operational technology
      really being driven by the Internet of Things (IoT)...what happens if we bring
      those two worlds together?
    • The Value of Smart Buildings
    • Securing Smart Buildings
    • Future Opportunities with Smart Buildings

  • UK Channel Community Webinar: GDPR 1 year on: state of play & the MSP opportunity

    May 14, 2019 3:00 PM

    3pm London GMT
    Customers continue to be confused about GPDR and are still not compliant, giving MSPs a great opportunity for recurring revenue and more.  Join Keepabl's founder and CEO, Robert Baugh, for this UK Channel community webinar, where you will learn how to capitalise on the state of the market, which clients to target, and how to tailor a recurring revenue GDPR offering to differentiate your business and consolidate your trusted adviser status.

    Key findings we’ll explore: 

    • 50% of customers across all verticals are still confused about GDPR and most are not compliant (68% don't even know they need to notify certain breaches to regulators). 
    • 80% of those that are addressing GDRP are using legacy tools like Excel or reworking other systems instead of using specialist tools. 
    • MSPs, as trusted advisers with a comprehensive view of the customer's technology and security environment, are well placed to add GDPR to their trusted adviser status and unlock customer revenue using available cloud tools.

  • ADIT Q2 Virtual Meeting: How to Foster Disruptive Dialog (Workplace Communication Across Traditional Boundaries)

    May 14, 2019 1:00 PM

    1pm CT / 2pm ET
    As the tech workforce becomes more diverse, understanding individual differences and perspectives is essential to creating inclusive workplaces free from bias.  Employees that can effectively communicate with and understand colleagues who are different than themselves is a tremendous plus for your business.  This boundary breaking communication fosters new ideas, stronger solutions, and higher profits. Join our next Advancing Diversity in Technology community virtual meeting for an engaging conversation on the challenges and opportunities in creating disruptive dialog across traditional divides.  Learn best practices on how you can help employees go out of their comfort zone to gain the valuable perspective of their colleagues.  Leave with skills that drive novel ideas and leaves “the standard way of doing business” behind.

         * Slides only available

  • Configuring and Securing a DNS Server: Office Hours with James Stanger

    May 14, 2019 11:00 AM

    11am CT / 12pm ET
    Join CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist Dr. James Stanger to learn more about current DNS services and the issues they face. He’ll outline how to configure and manage both traditional, installed DNS solutions (i.e., bind9), as well as cloud-based DNS providers. He’ll also look at typical – and some non-typical — DNS issues.
    By the end of this webinar, you’ll know how to configure both forward and reverse zones, as well as look for possible security errors. You’ll get a good head start on understanding and implementing DNSSEC. (Domain Name System Security Extensions) and why it’s so important from IT support and security perspectives.

    This webinar has been approved for 1 CEU for CompTIA A+CompTIA Network+,CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cloud+, CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+), CompTIA PenTest+ and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certifications.

  • Investigating the Hacker Lifecycle

    May 9, 2019 3:00 PM

    3pm CT / 4pm ET

    One of the hottest topics at RSA San Francisco 2019 was the Mitre ATT&CK framework. Along with the Lockheed-Martin Kill Chain, it has become a standard reference model for cybersecurity professionals. Specifically, it is used to describe each stage of an attack. Pen testers, security analysts and Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals must learn how to mature their operations, as well as hone the skills of red team and blue team workers.

    During this Webinar, Dr. James Stanger, Chief Technology Evangelist at CompTIA, will provide specific examples of each step of the framework. He will discuss steps such as Reconnaissance, Weaponization, Exploitation, Control and Maintenance (also known as Persistence). In addition to a hands-on demonstration of various steps, he will discuss the perception of cybersecurity professionals about the strengths and weaknesses of this model. For example, benefits include the model’s emphasis on techniques and behaviors.

    Webinar is CEU-approved for the following CompTIA certifications:
    A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+, PenTest+, CySA+ and CASP+


    Chief Technology Evangelist, CompTIA Dr. James Stanger is the Chief Technology Evangelist at CompTIA. His wide range of expertise includes certification and certification design, using social media in business, e-learning creation, security, Linux and open source, and Web development. An award-winning author, James has written titles for O’Reilly Media, McGraw-Hill, Prentice-Hall, IBM, Wiley and Elsevier. He has also acted as a security consultant for various entities, including the Association for Corporate Council, Brigham Young University and Security (purchased by McAfee).

  • The Secrets of a Successful Mentorship

    May 1, 2019 3:00 PM

    3pm CT / 4pm ET
    There’s no question that mentorship can help early career IT pros get valuable perspectives from more seasoned colleagues and potentially gain an advocate and ally that helps them move up the ladder. But how do you find a mentor and make sure you’re asking for the right kind of guidance? And what can mentors gain from the relationship? Hear from mentor Jeffery Ponts, COO and executive vice president, Datatel Solutions Inc., and executive council member, Advancing Women in Technology Community, and his mentee Hilary Gadda, director of National Channel Development, TPx, and executive council member, CompTIA Future Leaders Community, about how their mentorship began, how it has benefited both of their careers and how it has evolved over the last 15 years.
    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • Who can be a mentor and how different kinds of mentors can serve different purposes.
    • How to find mentors that can help you at every stage of your career.
    • Ways to structure a mentorship so that it mutually beneficial.
    • How to transition a mentor/mentee relationship as you move into new positions.

  • Managed Services Q2 Virtual Hallway Chat (VHC) - XaaS Ideas for Your Business

    April 24, 2019 2:00 PM

    2pm CT / 3pm ET
    Join us for your next VHC, where we will be continuing the discussion started at CompTIA’s Communities and Councils Forum (CCF), where Eric Anthony of SolarWinds MSP prompted the community to think about XaaS, sparking some great new offering ideas from attendees.  On this VHC we will extend the conversation virtually to the broader community.  In addition to hearing ideas generated at CCF, CompTIA’s Business Application Advisory Council will further stimulate our thinking by sharing their top SaaS offerings.  We will then spend the majority of our time hearing from you.  Come share your ideas, ask your peers questions and see what triggers ideas for as-a-service offerings that will drive new revenue, increase customer retention and propel you into the future.

    Please plan on active participation on the VHC by joining the web portion, having speakers and a microphone ready so you can join the conversation.

  • CompTIA Webinar - 2019 IT Industry Outlook

    April 16, 2019 12:00 PM

    12:00 pm Australia Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, GMT+10:00)

    CompTIA has released its highly anticipated IT Industry Outlook report for 2019, which identifies the global and regional trends that will shape the tech landscape, its workforce and its business models over the coming year.
    Join us on this webinar, where Daniel Johns (Head of Services for ASI Solutions, and Vice Chair of the CompTIA ANZ Community) and Leo Lynch (ANZ Sales Director for StorageCraft, and CompTIA Executive Council member) will share with you the key highlights from the report, and let you know how to access other research papers from CompTIA.

  • Investigating the Deep Web and VPN Technologies: Office Hours with James

    April 11, 2019 11:00 AM

    11am CT / 12pm ET
    It’s likely you’ve heard of the deep web and the dark web, but do you really know what they are? It’s also possible you’ve used encryption and anonymization technologies in the past, but do you really know how they work?
    Join CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist Dr. James Stanger as he delves into the many resources found in the deep web and the dark web. He’ll also investigate Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies individuals use today. He’ll explore the relevance of the deep web and the dark web, and VPN technologies to pen testing, threat hunting, threat modeling and security analytics. You’ll get insights about some of the resources that are available.

    You will learn more about VPN technologies and how these technologies can anonymize and encrypt browsing sessions. Furthermore, you will gain a deeper understanding of how attackers use legitimate services and other resources to reverse-engineer software, engage in credential harvesting and profile users.

  • TLS Q1 virtual Community Meeting You’ve Been Slacked! Now What?

    April 4, 2019 12:00 PM

    12pm CT / 1pm ET
    Most workplaces today include five generations and communication methods have changed drastically with each generation. Join us as we discuss the unique challenges and opportunities in today’s workplace and what it takes to increase active communication. You’ll gather new ways to drive respect and collaboration through every individual in your workplace.

  • AWIT Q1 Virtual Community Meeting

    April 3, 2019 12:00 PM

    12pm CT / 1 pm ET
    We will be continuing our conversations from CompTIA CCF and discussing the gap of women in technology.  Add your voice to the conversation as we focus on women in security. We know that tech opportunities exist, yet approximately only 14 percent of the current U.S. workforce in cybersecurity is female. Together we can address the diversity gap and discuss actions to break the glass ceilings in tech, drive more women into this lucrative field and change the industry one women at a time.

  • Investigating the Windows Subsystem for Linux: Office Hours with James

    March 28, 2019 11:00 AM

    11am CT / 12pm ET

    Developers are regularly using both Microsoft and Linux as they develop sophisticated applications for their businesses and organizations. Microsoft has made terrific strides in its embrace of open-source, such as the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Secure Shell (SSH) has also become a preferred way to remotely administer Windows systems.

    Join James as he investigates ways that Windows and Linux do more than simply co-exist in today’s cloud and IoT-aware IT environment.