Cyber Ready

Developing Cyber Talent


Introduction to Cyber Ready

Cyber Ready is a 6-month retraining programme designed to ensure all programme candidates develop the necessary skills and knowledge to secure Cyber Security related employment.

The flipped-classroom approach combines classroom and online learning methods and is designed to encourage applications from candidates who may have other commitment and time limitations.

Who Can Apply?

  • Parents and Carers
  • Those returning to employment with some prior IT experience
  • Those engaging with IT as a hobby
  • First line IT technicians
  • IT Graduates struggling to secure employment
  • Former IT Apprentices

Why should I pursue a career in Cyber?

Cyber Security is a hot topic and getting hotter! With 39% of UK businesses identifying cyber security breaches over the last 12 months there is a real need for organisations to prepare themselves. A recent survey found that 50% of UK businesses lack basic technical skills such as configuring firewalls, detecting malware, and controlling privileged access. Despite more than half saying cyber threats were a top risk to their business. Statistics like this means that employers are actively seeking Cyber Security talent.

Cyber related salaries range from £22,500 to £77,500 depending on experience according to

What to Expect?

Candidates will be selected by a panel of assessors to join the Cyber Ready programme. Each candidate will receive access to:

  • Access to a Cyber Security Expert Mentor
  • 12-month subscription to industry standard learning content
  • CompTIA Security+ and CySA+ certifications on successful completion of the exams

The programme itself is divided into 4 simple stages Application and Screening, Training and Education, Cyber Wargames and Ongoing Development. On the most part it is delivered online, except for Saturday workshops.

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