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Coming in 2024!

The CompTIA Xpert Series certifications are intended for IT professionals with multiple years of work experience who are interested in validating their expert-level knowledge of business-critical technologies. The series will begin with certifications in data, cloud networking and cybersecurity.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Experienced tech professionals will develop toolsets, technology and industry segment-specific knowledge, skills and abilities. All of this will allow them to: 

  • Lead discussions on how emerging tech may impact the business
  • Recommend the best and most effective technologies
  • Leverage deep specialization as a trusted advisor
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Introducing CompTIA DataX

CompTIA DataX is a new advanced-level data science certification. The certification will:

  • Validate the understanding of data, the ability to leverage data trends and AI to make predictions, and the ability to communicate those predictions to stakeholders
  • Be designed around the tasks performed by a senior data scientist
  • Be a natural progression from the job roles aligned to CompTIA Data+
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Introducing CompTIA CloudNetX

CompTIA CloudNetX is an advanced networking certification. The certification will:

  • Validate skills in advanced network and system architecture for designing and managing complex, hybrid, IT infrastructures.
  • Be designed around the tasks performed by a network architect, infrastructure architect, enterprise architect and cloud architect.
  • Be a natural progression for the job roles aligned to CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Cloud+
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Introducing CompTIA SecurityX

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) is the expert version of CompTIA Security+ and will be re-branded to SecurityX , with the next exam version. This name change will not affect the status of current CASP+ certification holders and those with an active CASP+ certification will receive a SecurityX certification. The certification will continue to:

  • Validate job tasks performed by a security professional with 10 years of IT experience and 5 years of security experience
  • Be designed around the tasks performed by senior security engineer and security architect roles
  • Be a natural progression from the job roles aligned to Security+
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