Current CompTIA CAC Members

The CompTIA Certification Advisory Committees are a select group of individuals that provide advice and guidance to CompTIA regarding the relevance, accuracy, and other major aspects of the CompTIA certifications. They provide guidance on how to more effectively widen the expansion of these certifications to ensure a qualified and efficient global workforce.

The CompTIA CAC has a different purpose than the exam development SMEs. Whereas exam development SMEs assist with item writing and attend JTA workshops to build exams, CAC members provide more general, high-level feedback about the job role and job skills in order to champion the certification's adoption within the industry. Regarding recruitment, exam development SMEs apply on the CompTIA web site whereas CAC members are appointed.

The following is a list of all current CompTIA Certification Advisory Committee members grouped by subject area.



Keith Boring Member Bio
Mike Burr Member Bio
Shinesa Cambric Member Bio
John Cusimano Member Bio
Chris Hodson Member Bio
Robert Marlatt Member Bio
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Thomas Marr Member Bio
Pamela McComas Member Bio
Harry McLaren Member Bio
Hardik Parekh Member Bio
Lew Thorne Member Bio



Teneika AskewMember Bio
Meredith DoddMember Bio
Mignon EdorhMember Bio
Ted HallumMember Bio
Robin HuntMember Bio
Brandon MillerMember Bio
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Bobby Allen Member Bio
Brant Backes Member Bio
Ray DeJean Member Bio
Juan Fernandez Member Bio
Jay Gagliardo Member Bio
Roy Gertig Member Bio
DuWayne Harrison Member Bio
Sean Kirkpatrick Member Bio
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May LedesmaMember Bio
Tim NilesMember Bio
Jo PetersonMember Bio
Tenette PrevatteMember Bio
Anthony PutorekMember Bio
Arron StebbingMember Bio
Susanne TedrickMember Bio
Brandon UmlandMember Bio