Your Next Move: Data Center Technician

If you enjoy configuring server hardware, implementing security controls and troubleshooting, a data center technician job may be for you.

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Data centers provide compute, storage and networking infrastructure to an organization. They house an organization’s critical applications, data and digital assets and may be an on-premises or hybrid server environment.

Data center technicians provide an array of technical support to an organization’s data center. They help ensure that the servers are consistently running smoothly, but when they’re not running smoothly, data center technicians help problem solve and determine resolutions to avoid major downtime. With the virtual nature of data centers, security, reliability and availability are of utmost importance.

If you enjoy configuring server hardware, implementing security controls and troubleshooting, a data center technician job may be for you.

What Is a Data Center Technician?

A data center technician’s job responsibilities could include the following:

  • Monitoring the health and performance of servers by performing routine assessments.
  • Installing and updating server components based on diagnostic reports.
  • Reacting and responding to potential network and server issues in a timely fashion to keep business data flowing.
  • Documenting processes and managing activity logs.

Data center technicians will work closely with other IT pros. For example, a data center technician might work with a network engineer to ensure network efficiency or a cybersecurity analyst to improve data security.

How to Become a Data Center Technician

Most employers are looking for IT pros with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or a related field. As a data center technician, you need to have hardware troubleshooting and repair skills to keep networks intact. Additionally, data center technicians are expected to have knowledge of servers, routers and other specific tech equipment.

Employers usually require about two years of hands-on experience working with servers or in a server environment. Job roles like help desk technician or technical support specialist can help IT pros gain the experience needed to work in a data center.

IT certifications such as CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Server+ will show employers that you have the expected knowledge and skills to succeed as a data center technician.

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The Details

Data Center Technician Salary Range

The median annual wage for a data center technician is $70,500 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Data Center Technician Job Outlook

Burning Glass reported a total of 7,393 U.S. employer job postings for data center technicians over the past 12 months.

Job Titles Related to Data Center Technician

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