These IT Support Certifications Are Your Direct Route to a Tech Career

For many IT pros, IT support is the first stop to a long-term career in IT. A top IT support certification will help you secure an entry-level IT support position.
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If you’re looking to change careers, a career in IT is a great option. Despite the global pandemic, the future of IT jobs is still solid. And compared to other careers, IT is relatively quick and easy to get into with IT certifications. Are you considering a tech career? If so, an IT support certification may be all you need to quickly gain entry into the industry.

Start a Tech Career with a CompTIA IT Support Certification 

Many job seekers remain stuck in a role they are dissatisfied with simply because they don’t know what first step to take toward a more fulfilling career. If you want to start your career in IT as soon as possible, your first step is to earn a reputable IT certification.

After all, 80% of HR managers find IT certifications valuable during the hiring and evaluation process, and 72% of employers frequently require IT certifications for certain jobs. Read on to learn about a few IT support certifications that a number of IT industry publications recommend. 

Spoiler alert: CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ are also on Global Knowledge’s list of the 5 most popular IT certifications for 2020.

CompTIA A+ 

The CompTIA A+ certification is an ideal IT credential for beginners. Business News Daily hailed CompTIA A+ as one of the top help desk certifications of 2019, saying “its popularity with IT professionals and employers alike remains unquestioned.”

Business News Daily added that top tech companies such as Dell, HP and Intel require their service technicians to earn CompTIA A+ and that the credential is recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense.

CompTIA A+ prepares candidates to install, configure and maintain personal computers, mobile devices, printers and laptops, as well as perform basic networking and PC troubleshooting skills that IT employers are looking for.

Robert Half Technology listed CompTIA A+ among its most valuable IT certifications for 2020 and named it one of the best IT certifications for beginners.

Hubspot also recommended CompTIA A+ to those interested in breaking into the tech industry, stressing that it imparts the capabilities necessary for starting a career in IT. It noted that the certification teaches best practices for keeping sensitive data secure, which can make an IT job candidate much more competitive.  

Other IT support certifications mentioned in these articles include ITIL Foundation, Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT), CompTIA Network+, HDI-CSR and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA).   

CompTIA Network+ 

ClearanceJobs explained that CompTIA Network+ consistently ranks as one of the best IT certifications on the market. It stated that those who pass the CompTIA Network+ certification exam know how to troubleshoot networking issues, design networks, implement network security and protocols and more. It also explained why having a vendor-neutral certification is valuable.

“It is good to have a mix of certifications on your resume, and as a beginner in IT or with networking, this is the best place to start. You could jump straight into the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification path (CCNA), but Cisco assumes that you have prior networking experience and specifically with their routing and switching equipment,” the article stated. “Going vendor-neutral can sometimes be a good thing because the focus isn’t on the hardware, but more on the logical framework of the technology.”

ClearanceJobs called CompTIA Network+ a career launching pad that is essential to those who want a long-term career in IT. Networking skills are highly beneficial to IT pros in any role, including those in support positions such as a help desk technician or a network support specialist.

CompTIA Security+

One of the most critical support roles an IT professional can assume is that of a security specialist. To gain entry into the cybersecurity field, individuals should pursue an entry-level data security and IT support certification. Luckily, CompTIA Security+ addresses both skill sets.

CIO from IDG said that the CompTIA Security+ certification can jumpstart your career in IT and equip you with crucial skills that will enable you to protect vulnerable data, such as risk management, architecture and design, and identity and access management. 

Infosec called CompTIA Security+ the top entry-level information security certification of 2019.

“Simply put, CompTIA Security+ represents all of the knowledge and tools required for entry-level information security professionals to become wildly successful in the information security industry,” Infosec stated. It explained that although CompTIA Security+ is often a candidate’s first or second information security certification, it is one that even the highest-ranking data security specialist will likely have.  

In addition to CompTIA Security+, CIO and Infosec also recommend IT certifications like Cisco Certified Technician (CCT), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) to those interested in focusing on cybersecurity in IT support.

IT Support Certifications Are the Beginning of the Tech Career of Your Choice

IT support certifications are some of the most versatile certifications available. They are a great starting point for those who want to begin a career in IT but need foundational knowledge on a variety of IT disciplines. An IT support certification will help you thrive in any tech support role, whether it is help desk, networking or cybersecurity. 

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