Public Advocacy

Bridging the Tech Ecosystem

Through our Public Sector and Advocacy arm, CompTIA champions for industry innovation, a skilled workforce and solutions that drive business. We advocate on behalf of a diverse technology sector through public advocacy efforts at the federal, state, local and international levels and through exclusive public sector councils and programs.

We bridge the tech ecosystem and government impacting all technology companies and companies that rely on technology to run their businesses. CompTIA gives eyes, ears and a voice to U.S. companies, informing them of policy developments-and providing a means to do something about it.

Our Public Sector and Advocacy Corporate Membership focusses on helping U.S. companies drive their agendas, analyze and shape legislative decisions, define solutions for the government and build relationships with government and policy influencers. Our top line corporate member programs include:

  • Human Services IT Advisory Group (HSITAG): Helping our members and the industry bring human services and solutions to the government. (link to HSITAG page)
  • Space Enterprise Council (SEC): Bringing a unique voice to policy discussions that helps drive space enterprise business and solutions for the government. (link to SEC page)
  • State & Local Government and Education Council (SLED): Enabling state and local governments to procure and use innovative technologies. (link to SLED page)
  • Federal Policy: Helping members provide a voice in Washington on leading technology issues before Congress, the Administration and regulatory bodies. (link to Fed landing page)
  • International Policy and Regulatory Compliance: Advocating for trade regulation, compliance and policy through our customs export controls and global trade and market access committees. (link to IPRC landing page)
  • State Government Affairs: Advocating across 50 states for member companies on issues that drive their organization’s agendas and legislative priorities. (link to SGA page)
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Public Sector and Advocacy Jurisdiction

Our Public Sector and Advocacy Jurisdiction Membership focusses on helping local U.S. jurisdictions better serve their communities. The Public Technology Institute (PTI), powered by CompTIA, helps local government officials, practitioners and technology executives respond to the challenges facing America’s cities and counties through targeted training and resources.

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