Recruitment Marketing Support

How will your prospective learners discover the training opportunity you’re offering? In some cases, it may be as simple as a manager telling an employee they will be participating. But in many cases, you will need to build awareness of your program and let people know where and how to apply. CompTIA can provide a variety of marketing services to help, including:

  • paid search recruitment campaigns
  • custom landing pages
  • promotional collateral design
  • email outreach
  • video production
  • social media assistance
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Admissions Support

Not everyone who is interested in your training opportunity will be a good fit for your program. CompTIA can help you identify those candidates most likely to achieve the outcomes you have in mind with services such as:

  • Candidate screening
  • Virtual interviews
  • Skills and aptitude testing
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Learner Support

Depending on your learners’ experience levels and goals after the training ends, you may wish to add support services for students to help them be more successful in the classroom or to help them find jobs once as a final step in the program. CompTIA can provide help in both areas.

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We refer businesses to CompTIA's training programs because they have ability to meet their needs and they have a special ability to reach out to a diverse population that can successfully go through CompTIA's training and be successfully placed in businesses at the same time.

Stephanie Mufic
Business Services Manager, Arapahoe / Douglas Works!

We chose CompTIA because of their marketing team. They were able to refer many customers to us - customers that were in need of these credentials. They have a very organized platform with behind the scenes between marketing and even enrolling the participants into their program, ensuring they're eligible for our programs. They are very organized and efficient.

Jessica Trujillo
Workforce Programs Manager, Arapahoe / Douglas Works

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