Due to the impacts of COVID-19, CompTIA exam vouchers expiration dates have been extended. Exam takers concerned about test center closures will soon be able to take CompTIA exams from home. To learn more about voucher expiration extentions and online testing options click here.

Exam Delivery Policies


All CompTIA exam policies as outlined on our main policies pages, shall be enforced to the fullest extent with only a few exceptions noted below for exams proctored via the Pearson VUE OnVUE platform:

  • Please carefully review all policies and requirements outlined in the Appointment Confirmation and Appointment Reminder emails which candidates receive from Pearson VUE, prior to the date of testing.
  • Please be prepared to show one (1) valid form of unexpired, Government-issued personal ID. The Government-issued ID must have your signature and must have your photo.
    • For a list of valid forms of ID, please see our Candidate ID Policy
  • For candidates who are minors (17 years of age and under), please note the minor must have guardian authorization for each testing event. In addition, the minor must have a single form of photo ID (e.g school ID) and the guardian must be present for the testing event, and willing to show a proper government-issued ID. For full details visit our Candidate ID Policy page.


CompTIA reserves the right to exclude regions, countries and/or test centers from the CompTIA Certification Program.


CompTIA reserves the right to exclude countries and/or specific test centers from the beta testing program.


  • CompTIA may suspend testing at any test site where we deem there is a potential threat to the security or integrity of our certification program.
  • CompTIA may, at its sole discretion, reinstate previously banned Testing Centers if:
    • The site agrees to a corrective action plan approved by CompTIA Security to prevent any future exam security breaches.
  • If the Test Center is reinstated by the CompTIA Security Team, the Test Center must agree to the following:
    • The reinstated site must pay for and pass five (5) integrity shop audits within a period of one year.
    • If the site fails one integrity shop it will be closed indefinitely.