Understanding Emerging Technology: Blockchain

Get foundational knowledge about blockchain, the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Understand how this technology, the trend and market forces surrounding it can impact your business. In this research brief, we cover:

  • Definition of Blockchain
    When you are new to blockchain, use our high-level descriptions to learn how this technology is defined and what makes it work at its core and how it relates to applications that use it.
  • Adoption of Blockchain
    Only one in five companies have recently consumed some type of information about blockchain, making it a rather exotic topic in the technology arena. Read how many companies are exploring blockchain tools, how many have purchased blockchain tools and how these tools are being used.
  • Future Challenges
    Learn what concerns are standing in blockchain’s way and requirements are driving the adoption of Blockchain.

Download this brief now to better understand the opportunity blockchain represents for your business and what is needed to bridge a gap between the possibilities blockchain offers and actual implementation.