Tackle Disaster Recovery With These 5 Tools


Disaster recovery and business backup plans are emerging as best practices in the IT world, and you can use this bundle to understand them from top to bottom.

“The value of data makes it even more critical for businesses to protect
- Person

Data has become so valuable that best-practices now recommend two types of disaster recovery and business continuity backup: local and cloud, so you don’t have a single point of failure. And as data grows, so do its sources. Mobile devices, cloud applications and services, virtualized environments and big data repositories are the new normal, making up an information ecosystem that businesses need to run.

The newest resource bundle from CompTIA takes a top to bottom look at business continuity and disaster recovery, and includes tools to calculate time lost during a disaster and information to help you build plans for customers and potential clients.

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1. Downtime Cost Calculator

Enter some basic information into the Downtime Cost Calculator to quickly show clients and prospects how much downtime actually costs. The tool, available from the CompTIA IT Managed Services Community with an assist from Datto, is a vendor-neutral calculator that also shows whether or not the recovery time objective and the recovery point objective are met. The calculations are as accurate as the data supplied by the client. Use the calculations to transition easily into a conversation about additional services and solutions to minimize the cost of downtime.

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2. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Overview

Seventy-five percent of the businesses we talked to for the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Overview called data one of their most valuable assets, but auditing, simulation and data prioritization keep them from implementing reliable business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

The study, conducted in two parts in conjunction with a CompTIA study on the Big Data market, revealed that the importance of data plus regulatory compliance and customer expectations for performance and reliability are driving BC/DR adoption. Use the information in this report to identify where your own clients struggle, and how to help them implement effective BC/DR solutions.

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3. Quick Start Guide to Business Continuity and Data Recovery

You know a backup plan is a good idea for your clients, but how do you approach them with it? This guide walks you through the process, while helping to dispel the myths of business continuity and data recovery. Use the Quick Start Guide to Business Continuity and Data Recovery to see what your clients believe about disaster recovery and trends in the industry so you can help deliver the right plan to your customers and potential clients.

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4. IT Security Assessment Wizard

CompTIA’s IT Security Assessment Wizard is a straightforward, three-page questionnaire that helps you build a profile of the interactions between your business and one of your clients. To use it, characterize some of the common security-related events in your company and describe some of your daily protection practices regarding recordkeeping, payment processing, and exchange of possibly confidential data. The Phase II version, coming soon, includes a special option for Premier Members to save the results in a sharable document.

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5. 10-Week Guide to Data Recovery and Business Continuity

Information is the fuel that powers modern businesses and every business relies on the free and continuous flow of data and information to maintain operations. Planning or anticipating different disruptions and providing processes and systems for quickly restoring data access and operations is crucial in keeping that data flowing. This guide was created for solution providers looking to enter the BC/DR market and offers an education on the planning, development and risk aspects of creating a BC/DR practice. This guide covers the basic constructs of developing, operationalizing, and going to market with a business continuity and data recovery practice.

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