How are information technology channel firms addressing the tremendous changes in the architecture of data centers, particularly with regard to their continuing need for security? Where are they making changes, and when are they choosing to stay the course?

Security in the IT Channel is a comprehensive report on the business models being adopted, and the security portfolios being supported, by channel firms as they answer some familiar, some altered, and sometimes bewilderingly new sets of demands from their customers. Some 400 IT channel professionals were surveyed on their views of the evolving security landscape. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Firewalls remain reliable. Although the old strategies of perimeter defense no longer apply in a cloud-based environment, more channel firms polled continue to offer simple firewalls and antivirus utilities than sophisticated data loss prevention (DLP) and identity access management (IAM) systems.
  • The cloud is an uphill battle. Although cloud service-based security and customer data defense options are now widely available, channel providers tend to prefer either hosting these services themselves or installing them at customer sites.
  • The larger the firm, the more confidence it exhibits in its skills. Only about one channel firm polled in 10 with 50 employees or more, reported having moderate to major security skills gaps.

Learn about how the mix of topics in security discussions between vendor and customer differs, depending upon who starts them. Download this report from CompTIA now, and find out how the channel is meeting these new security challenges.

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