Cloud computing has completely reshaped cybersecurity models in modern data centers. The “castle defense” model is vanishing, as the corporate firewall no longer denotes the perimeter of anyone’s exclusive IT domain. “Hardening the endpoints” is no longer a valid analogy, as APIs and service-oriented applications models continually alter the meaning of endpoints in digital communications. Organizations are seeking cybersecurity professionals certified for entirely new skill sets, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

How are infosec professionals adjusting their methods, honing their skills, and adapting their practices to meet these new demands? CompTIA’s research report, Practices of Security Professionals, sought the answers from 500 U.S.-based cybersecurity practitioners. Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • More than half of infosec professionals polled cited changes in the IT operations as the principal driver changing their approaches to security, while just more than one third cited the discovery of a vulnerability through an audit.
  • While nearly half of professionals in large businesses rated their employer’s security as “completely satisfactory,” only slightly fewer cited the belief that security was “good enough” as the biggest challenge to pursuing new security initiatives.
  • Two thirds of those polled said the way to remedy security skills gaps in their organizations was by training existing employees.

Download this insightful report from CompTIA now, and learn how the shifts in modern data center technology are compelling the people who secure them to adapt and grow to meet these challenges.

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