We hear references to “baby boomers,” “Generation X,” and the “millennials” as though they were separate subcultures of the human race. But is there any evidence that technology usage habits differ among groups of employees, depending upon when they were born? And further, could the stereotypes often applied to people in these three age brackets be self-reinforcing, driving them to follow the workplace and technology trends that marketers expect them to follow?

This CompTIA research report, Managing the Multigenerational Workforce, reveals the results of two surveys: one involving some 700 business professionals, the other over 1,000 individuals aged 13-24. Its objective is to determine when and where there are clear divisions between employee age groups. Some of its findings might surprise you:

  • No majority in any age group perceives itself as a master of technology. While some 40 percent of millennials responding perceive themselves as in the “upper tier” of tech users, only 30 percent of that group see themselves as on the “cutting edge.”
  • While 70 percent of young people responding say they “love technology,” an eight-point split appears when respondents are separated into boys and girls.
  • Although older workers tend to rely more and more upon office productivity suites over any other class of software, variations in the other usage trends for different software classes among age groups are statistically insignificant.

Download this insightful report now from CompTIA, and see where the differences lie in the modern workforce — and where they don’t.

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