IT Security House of Horror Stories

In a deep corner of cyberspace, in a time not too distant from our own, a contest is staged — a battle for the hearts and minds of those who would protect its inhabitants from harm. At the core of this realm lay the very apex of terror itself. There, four gallant warriors render their tales of terror and tyranny, of the decaying, skeletal carcasses of their old, rattling network infrastructures, and how they struck back with skill and bravery at the very heart of fear!

From the halls of gallantry at CompTIA ChannelCon 2015 comes an epic anthology of IT security stories that will chill your every waking and sleeping hour — that is, unless you have no fear and can heed their implicit warnings.

  • Shriek as a major financial organization raises its gates and leaves them open, so the unwanted and unauthorized may access the catacombs of its backups by chanting passwords left on sticky notes to be collected by janitors!
  • Chill as a champion of academia disables its firewalls for the sake of convenience, leaving itself unguarded as a plague of USB-based minions descend upon it!
  • Gasp when you hear the tale of guards keeping watch over their e-mail systems for countless years, never to be relieved, only to be overcome by the whims of the foolish and careless!

Are you prepared for the horror that is the worst-case scenarios of these brave information security professionals? Witness these tales of horror and heed them well... for your own sake!

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