IT Security Assessment Wizard

There are two principal factors that make an organization vulnerable to a technology exploit: the architecture of its existing IT platforms, and the common practices of its employees and contractors. So securing the organization is not a matter of devising more clever passwords, or buttressing the perimeter of some virtual fortress. Besides being digital, securing information technology is actually rather similar to securing physical premises.

CompTIA’s IT Security Assessment Wizard is a straightforward, three-page questionnaire intended to help build a profile of the interaction between your business and one of your clients. You’ll be asked to characterize some of the common security-related events in your company, and to describe some of your everyday protection practices regarding recordkeeping, payment processing, and exchange of possibly confidential data.

After a few minutes’ time, the Wizard produces a comprehensive and comprehensible profile of the strengths and vulnerabilities of IT security in your client’s business relationship. Vulnerability in any system is the potential for the wrong information to be accessed by the wrong parties. Let CompTIA show you where your security relationship could be exploited, and point the way toward valuable protections before those exploits occur.