International Trends in Cybersecurity - UK

As cybersecurity becomes a higher priority among IT managers worldwide, how do infosec professionals and network administrators in the United Kingdom respond to this greater worldwide emphasis on the need for security principals? This snapshot of International Trends in Cybersecurity from CompTIA from April 2016 compares survey responses from British and Irish professionals against those in our international sample, to measure how today’s cybersecurity incidents impact them differently.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How British security professionals rate the impact of human error on cybersecurity risk, relative to their global counterparts
  • The degree to which infosec practitioners in Britain believe in continued testing of personnel following cybersecurity training
  • How IT pros rate expertise — or the lack thereof — as a factor in human error, relative to personnel carelessness
  • How many — or how few — British businesses report cybersecurity incidents involving mobile devices

In Europe’s ICT economy (the “C” standing for “communications”), Great Britain has accounted for about one-fifth of the market. Two months after this survey, a majority of British citizens voted to exit the European Union. See where the UK stood in the information security world just prior to this tectonic shift in European politics, in this report from CompTIA.

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