Individual Development Plan Template for IT Professionals

This resource was developed by CompTIA’s Future Leaders Community. Our community is focused on providing direction for youth considering a career in tech, professional career development for those currently in tech and best practices for building a productive multi-generational workforce.

We encourage you to identify the professional goals most important to you, determine which skills, experiences and behaviors will help you achieve those goals followed by the development and execution of an action plan. Ideally, you will work with your manager to assess areas that will produce the greatest return for you and your organization. This way, you’ll both be more successful. Benefits of career planning include personal growth, increased job satisfaction and job security as you develop more skills and add value to the organization. It pays to be as thorough as possible.

Remember, your IDP is a living document and should be updated as your skill and goals evolve. If you’re an aspiring leader, you may choose to set a 1-year plan. If you’re an accomplished leader, a mid to long term plan (2-5 years) may be better suited. The purpose of the plan is to:

  1. Set your priorities for development
  2. Identify goals that are mutually beneficial to you and your employer
  3. Identify knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) you’ll need to develop
  4. Choose the best available resources, relationships and activities needed to achieve your goals
  5. Set a timeline for success!