Health IT Deployment

The health IT transition is a vital step toward improving the quality of car e and overall health of patients throughout the United States. Several key legislative efforts have established policies seeking to advance the transition among medical providers. Trends, however, indicate that small medical providers are slow to adopt health IT due to a range of concerns about their ability to navigate complex technologies and the impacts it could have on their practices.

At the same time, small IT solution providers have the expertise to be a meaningful partner in the transition, but current policies have restricted their ability to enter the health IT market on a large scale. Several minor changes to existing policy would make great strides towards bringing small IT solution providers into the fold to help advance the transition and remove some of the burden from small medical providers. This paper outlines recommendations within three distinct policy areas: education, technical assistance, and privacy and security.

Health IT has the ability to increase the quality of care to patients and usher in significant economic benefits for small businesses across the nation. However, for health IT to be a success, federal policies must understand the important link between small medical providers and small IT solution providers. Policies that foster a partnership between these small businesses will not only allow medical providers to focus on patients, but will also help to grow the economy and keep the U.S. IT industry competitive within a $3 trillion global IT market.

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