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Executive Certificate in IT Security Foundations

All too often IT security is viewed as a necessary evil, if not as an outright barrier to doing business. Changing that perception requires a certain finesse in designing and implementing solutions. It means applying granular, rather than crude security controls. The goal of this training is to facilitate a solution provider's transformation into a trusted IT security advisor. Attendees learn to gauge the impact of emerging trends on their customers' businesses, to explore ways to facilitate meaningful conversations around security and to leverage those conversations in the design and implementation of appropriate IT solutions.

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Course Descriptions

Course #1: Transforming Your Business Through IT Security

1 hour, 30 minutes (webinar option available)
Security is a core component to every technology provider business. In this course, solution providers discover what it takes to become a trusted security advisor, explore what comprehensive IT protection looks like and scrutinize the investments required to be successful.

Course #2: Assessing and Managing Risk

2 hours, 30 minutes (webinar option available)
In this course, solution providers explore the process for completing a risk analysis, including how to assess the emerging risks and trends in the IT industry. Those completing the course receive a risk analysis tool they can use to assess their clients’ security needs.

Course #3: Solution Selling Strategies

2 hours, 45 minutes (live training only)
For solution providers with a solid IT security business, this course helps to build on their success. Attendees learn to develop security strategies that account for their customers’ business needs as well as the current IT landscape. In addition, the session explores strategies to address current IT trends, including unified threat management, cloud security, and the impact of a mobile and social workforce.

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