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Executive Certificate in Financial Management

Your IT solutions business is growing, and the financial management principles that define its strategy are taking shape. The startup phase is over. As you transition from an owner/manager into an executive, you will be guiding your business through difficult trends, enacting and enforcing disciplines that will sustain its success and profitability for years to come.

This intensive, half-day workshop from CompTIA will rocket you to a mastery of financial management principles critical to a business that has survived its formative stages. Find out how to perform trend analyses that combine key variables, such as the relationship between marketing costs to total revenue — trends that could help you steer clear of disasters. See how businesses use predictive analytics to track future trajectories for their critical trends.

Learn how to calculate gross margin, by deducting the cost of goods sold (COGS) from revenue — not always as easy as simple subtraction. Subdivide your trend lines across multiple lines of business (LOB), to determine which business lines contribute the most to your bottom line. Find out which ratios are valuable for you to calculate regularly, and which others are unnecessary.

In one of the most valuable segments of this course, you’ll discover how to create cash — how to solve short-term cash problems using disciplined accounting. Start your journey toward a CompTIA Executive Certificate in Financial Management, and take control of your business’ financial future.

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