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Executive Certificate in Cloud Foundations

Cloud computing changes the entire conversation around IT services. Now, an organization can purchase computing power, storage capacity, memory, network bandwidth, and applications services in quantifiable, divisible, measurable units. Cloud service providers (CSPs) make it feasible for you to resell their resources and capacity, as part of a complete package tailored to customer needs.

This powerful, five-part course from CompTIA will propel you on your way to an Executive Certificate. This important assertion of good standards and practices assures your customers that you have the skills, wisdom, and experience to lead them through the most fundamental technology transformation since the advent of the microprocessor: cloud computing.

  • Help your customers identify their key business opportunities.
  • Learn how veteran solutions providers determine how to address those opportunities using the easier, subscription-based model that cloud computing affords you.
  • Build cloud implementation services, data integrity services, business continuity services, and others around your customers’ opportunities.
  • Seize marketing advantages before your competitors can even perceive them.
  • Create a marketing message asserting your leadership in the cloud.

This fluid, agile method of selling resources as services completely transforms both your business model and your customer’s. Let CompTIA guide you on the most important path your IT services firm may ever take: the path to a cloud solutions provider.

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