Evaluating IT Workforce Needs

IT professionals recognize the need to keep up with the latest tech trends, are eager to work with the latest technologies and welcome the opportunity to learn. With so many IT career options, it’s not surprising that 45 percent of respondents to CompTIA’s Evaluating IT Workforce Needs study are a bit unsure of what’s next. When asked why they chose IT, the 820 U.S. IT pros responded accordingly:

  • Good fit for my skills/aptitude with tech (64%)
  • Alignment with my passion/interest in tech (52%)
  • Job opportunities/stable employment (40%)
  • High pay/earnings potential (38%)
  • Use tech to solve real-world problems (33%)

Nearly 8 out of 10 IT pros report being mostly satisfied with their jobs overall, and about one-third are very satisfied. Half of the respondents view their current position as exactly or very close to where they expected they’d be given their skills and experience, and those in the IT industry are significantly more likely to believe this than those in other industries.

IT pros are looking for professional development but feel their employers don’t adequately support it. While professional societies and trade associations can help fill this role, just over half of the IT pros surveyed reported belonging to one. Regardless of their involvement, the majority believe it would benefit their career. Read more in the IT research brief Evaluating IT Workforce Needs.