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End User Training Kit for Cloud Services

This comprehensive package from CompTIA provides all the resources and background you need to develop training materials for your customers, about the current state of the cloud services market, and your role in providing them with cloud-based solutions.

  • Cloud Services Facilitation Guide: Get started on the path of creating a session for customers, explaining the cloud-based services you offer and selling them on the opportunities of leveraging those services.
  • Cloud Services Buying Guide: Get a starting point for any serious discussion of a cloud services strategy for your customer, explaining their deployment and service models, introducing them to self-provisioning, and guiding them through a self-assessment of needs.
  • Buying Guide Slide Deck and Customizable Report: Includes space for your own brand and logo, and the resources you need to make a persuasive case to your customers.
  • 4th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing Report: Learn about polling data from IT services firms in the cloud market, providing evidence of the rapid shift towards customer confidence in cloud services as a stable and reliable pillar of the IT market.
  • Quick Start Guide to Planning an Event: Gather and organize a plan for presenting your cloud services plan to your customers.

IT services customers now expect providers to deliver part or all of their solutions on a cloud platform, and with a cloud-based consumption model. Download this training kit now and prepare your organization to meet those customers’ expectations.

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