Cyberprovinces 2015

The year 2014 saw respectable gains in Canada’s tech economy, with approximately 6,300 information technology jobs added nationwide, a gain of 1.4 percent year-over-year. But the prospects for Canada’s IT future did not look as bright, with a nearly 10 percent decline in IT job openings. This is one of the main findings of CompTIA’s annual Cyberprovinces report, which compares the performance of the IT economy across Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

Here are some other relevant points this report uncovers:

  • Newfoundland takes off. The country’s easternmost province saw a 21% annual gain in tech jobs filled over 2013.
  • Alberta pays off. Paying the best average annual wages in the country, the home of Calgary and Edmonton gives its IT-earning citizens an annual wage approaching CA$80,000.
  • Tech manufacturing slows down. The country’s communication equipment production job count dropped by a stunning 15.4% over 2013.
  • Computer engineering picks up. But that slowdown was made up for by a 13.4% gain in non-software computer engineering jobs in the same period.
  • Ontario simmers. Toronto’s home province picked up 2.6% more tech jobs in 2014, mainly in IT services and telecommunications, although manufacturing did not participate in this rally.

See how Canada’s provinces fared in this difficult year for IT, in CompTIA’s IT jobs report for the year 2014.

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