The CIO office or IT department may still be the primary gatekeeper in IT planning, spending and management, but a new buyer is emerging – the non-IT business executive. These are line-of-business (LOB) buyers. This study examines these new buyers as they exist across the organizations’ departments. Additionally, it looks at IT job roles in these departments and how much they operate independently.


Line of Business Buyers Are Flexing Their Muscles
Half of respondents said the ultimate objective for technology is now more business focused, which is why departments other than IT within companies are weighing in more.

Collaboration with Internal IT Still a Major Factor
IT has not been looped out. Four in 10 LOB respondents said that their department works jointly with IT to determine which tech solutions they will deploy.

Line-Of-Business Buyers Are Not So Familiar with The Channel
Eight percent of LOBs reported calling upon the channel to implement and manage IT, versus a third relying on their IT departments, themselves or a mix. This presents an opportunity for solution providers.

Business Units Are Staffing Their Own Tech Experts
LOBs are staffing their own departments with people in IT-oriented job roles. For example, 21 percent of CFOs say they have dedicated technology roles within the walls of their department.

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