CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Tackling Cloud Security Concerns

The public cloud is an amazing utility. It provides functionality, accessibility, and storage space at low costs, because it provides them to a large customer base. While the presence of this many customers triggers rational cybersecurity concerns in itself, the multi-tenant nature of public cloud may actually be key to how effectively its administrators manage security.

As your organization uses public cloud services more and more, you’ll need a plan for addressing your partners’ and customers’ concerns about how the services you choose maintain the security of their data. This Quick Start Guide from CompTIA presents a game plan for how you, as an IT services provider, can address those cybersecurity concerns.

  • Know your cloud providers. Study their service-level agreements carefully, and discover how much responsibility they’re willing to take for your data’s security — and your customers’ data.
  • Trust but verify. Discover the policy categories that CompTIA members tend to inquire about first, and which other categories fall further down their lists.
  • Divide and conquer. Not all data should be stored in a public cloud service, but that does not mean you can’t use many data services and applications to access that data securely, while it’s stored on-premises.
  • Be careful of “rogue IT.” Many organizations’ first experiments with public cloud providers have been outside of IT managers’ purview.

Download this guide now and learn how you can improve the way you and your organization present a clear picture of public cloud security to your customers.

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