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CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Managed IT Services ANZ

Six Steps for Building an Effective and Profitable Managed IT Services Business

To build an effective managed services business, you must first understand what your target customers and their employees need to meet their objectives. When your portfolio offers what businesses truly want, or your services can be tailored to meet their specific needs, sales will be more plentiful. Successful managed service providers (MSPs) provide the types of unique support their customers really need and the cost-effective nature of managed and cloud services create a win-win for all involved.

Business owners who responded to the latest CompTIA Annual Trends in Managed Services lend credence to those ideas. According to the aforementioned report, more than a third of organisations characterise their MSP relationships as “strategic” in nature, encompassing most of their IT functions. Businesses now favour providers that take a more proactive approach with their implementation and support services, as the specifics of these services have become too complex for the average entrepreneur. They understand that managed services offers a real ROI, reduces their need for capital investments, and gives them greater flexibility with their resources. 60% of end users describe their managed services engagement as a collaborative arrangement’ between their internal IT department and an outsource partner.

The MSP model makes that possible. Of course, most highly successful managed services companies provide more than proactive IT monitoring and support: they build portfolios their customers rely on to help run and grow their businesses. From compliance and mobility policy development to disaster recovery and a host of cloud solution options, these offerings allow providers to capture new clients and take advantage of more lucrative opportunities.

What does it take to develop a profitable, intuitive MSP firm? This Quick Start Guide to Managed IT Services offers a number of the industry “best practices” utilised by many experienced technology professionals.

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