CompTIA Career Roadmap

No matter the stage of your IT career, getting IT certifications can help you advance to the next level. The CompTIA Career Roadmap and CompTIA IT Certification Roadmap can help you better understand the various tech career pathways and what certifications – both CompTIA and otherwise – apply to each role.

On the CompTIA Career Roadmap webpage, select a career pathway from the dropdown menu. You can select from broad topics like productivity or training or more specific areas of interest like information security. If you’re new to IT, click on Just Starting My Career to build solid foundational knowledge that can prepare you for any IT career path.

Start by learning basic information about the field and salary range. Scroll down to see which certifications from CompTIA and other providers map to that career path, and click through to get details about how to earn those certifications. Download the CompTIA IT Certification Roadmap as a guide for your certification journey as you advance in your career.

The CompTIA Career Roadmap covers the following career paths:

  • Information Security
  • Network and Cloud Technologies
  • Hardware, Services and Infrastructure
  • IT Management and Strategy
  • Storage and Data
  • Web and Mobile
  • Software Development
  • Training
  • Office Productivity
  • Just Starting My Career