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CompTIA 10-Week Guide to Establishing Your Cloud Services (Foundations)

CompTIA’s 10-Week Guide to Establishing Your Cloud Services is intended for small to midsize solution providers who sell primarily to small to medium-sized businesses. It assumes that your company is at the beginning of its journey into cloud computing and that you are in the process of developing relevant strategies for incorporating the cloud into your organization’s overall business model.

This guide will provide guidance about how your organization can incorporate public cloud offerings into your solution portfolio. It does not focus on strategies your business might embrace when building your own cloud offerings and cloud infrastructure.

CompTIA 10-Week Guides are comprehensive self-study guides. When an executive is about to start a new business practice or implement a new service offering, one of the most crucial steps is to build a comprehensive plan. CompTIA 10-Week Guides lead readers through a series of steps designed to get that part of their business up and running. Using best practices from industry experts, these self-study guides provide actionable steps that help ensure success.

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