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CompTIA 10-Week Guide to Accelerating Your IT Security Business UK

No single guide can teach you all there is to know about the cybersecurity industry. Not only is there a large quantity of information to know, but the industry and technologies are constantly evolving. CompTIA’s 10-Week Guide to Accelerating Your IT Security Business offers a roadmap for acquiring the information you need. If you’re a small to mid-sized solution provider, this guide not only offers a pathway to that knowledge, but also provides opportunities to apply that knowledge through the completion of action items that require you to define security solutions that meet your customers’ business needs. Ultimately, this guide aspires to contribute to raising the bar for our industry’s security posture by offering solution providers a tool for better advising their clients.

CompTIA 10-Week Guides

CompTIA 10-Week Guides are comprehensive self-study guides. When an executive is about to start a new business practice or implement a new service offering, one of the most crucial steps is to build a comprehensive plan. CompTIA 10-Week Guides lead readers through a series of steps designed to get that part of their business up and running. Using best practices from industry experts, these self-study guides provide actionable steps that help ensure success.

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