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CompTIA 10-week Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business

Undeniably, cloud methodologies have been behind the greatest single shift in information technology since the advent of the microchip. The Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices, and the ubiquity of wireless service have coalesced to make the cloud feasible. The information economy has already been transformed. If you’re a solution provider, are you preparing yourself to address the new realities of today’s IT market?

This complete guide lays out the blueprint for a ten-week course, giving you the tools and knowhow your IT solutions provider needs to transform itself from the client/server model of the 2000s, into the cloud services provider needed for the 2010s and beyond. Use it as a framework for your comprehensive training in cloud solutions from CompTIA.

  • Reinvent your brand identity. Adopt a new marketing vision that properly communicates your cloud services focus to your targeted customers.
  • Recreate your customer playbook. Determine what sales methodologies are necessary to address the needs of your cloud services customers.
  • Rebuild your product focus. Learn which parts of your customer’s technology structure may be leveraged in the cloud, and which should remain on-premises.
  • Redevelop your training regimen. Borrow the skills of CompTIA’s professional members to devise a new educational agenda for your team and their successors.

A technology provider geared for the modern era must be capable of delivering and maintaining services intended for this era, not the one before. Download this course guide now and see where your solution provider fits in the cloud-driven market.

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