Digital transformation has become a watchword for many businesses. In a new era defined by cloud computing and mobile strategies, companies are pursuing new IT tools, and the best use of tools requires a disruption to operational procedures.

CompTIA’s new research explores the different aspects of this corporate evolution. As companies seek success with new products and new customers, there are many areas that must be addressed in order to become a digital organization. 

This report focuses on these key points:

Digital Transformation is Defining the Business of the future
Companies today are blending the traditional view of IT as a tactical function with the perspective of technology as a strategic driver. While 43 percent of companies indicate that technology is an enabler for business process, 39 percent feel that they are using technology to drive business goals, such as enhancing efficiency or innovation.

The Decision Process for New Technology is Experiencing Major Disruption
Digital organizations are not just adopting new technology; they are also modifying processes to optimize available tools and models. The decision process for new technology is becoming much more collaborative, though that does not mean IT is fading. Fifty-nine percent of companies say that IT still plays a primary role.

IT Professionals in Digital Organizations have A Lot on Their Plates
As IT teams take on dual responsibility for tactics and strategy, they must balance four areas – infrastructure, innovation, integration and intelligence. Along with the changes to decision process, this balancing act will bring them closer to business functions and require a better understanding of business demands.

Business Units in Digital Organizations Still Want to Partner With IT
Although rogue IT has received tremendous focus in recent years, most businesses are shifting to models that keep IT in the loop. Business units see most technical areas as shared responsibilities, with security and technology discovery being areas where IT is still seen as a primary owner.

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