AWIT Career Resource Center

This IT career resource includes a robust library of links, downloads and videos to help you learn more about what it’s like to work in IT, what jobs are available, how to connect with others in the field and how to inspire others that IT is for them.

Topics include:

  • Career Areas: Write code for a gaming company or manage a creative team working in healthcare: technology offers a lot of paths to success.
  • Intro to Tech: Test drive an IT career, get the latest on women in technology and learn how CompTIA certifications put you ahead in the hiring line. Great for anyone interested in a holistic view of the industry.
  • Tech Groups: Connect to technology with groups that empower women and girls through STEM, robotics and technology.
  • Real IT Stories: Women working in IT often hold interesting, flexible positions that keep them intellectually stimulated and involved. In these Real IT Stories, women explain how they got into IT and what feels the most rewarding.
  • Speaker Resources: Share the message that technology is a great place for women and girls. Find a group to speak to and use the Dream IT Speaker Resources to get a great start on your presentation.