The cloud transition is a story of a shift in business models, not just for end customers but also the IT channel that serves them. The factors credited with driving change in these models are all in front of us: mobile devices, Web-based catalogs, automated distribution centers. Yet when CompTIA asked IT channel partners to rate their satisfaction with the state of the channel as a whole, they showed signs of high confidence.

The 5th Annual State of the Channel report is based on a survey conducted of some 350 U.S.-based IT executives and professionals in July 2015. Rather than disruption and chaos — which is what many vendors and analysts predicted — channel members reported instead renewed confidence and support for the state of the channel as a whole. Here’s more of what we found:

  • Greater enthusiasm. More than nine respondents in ten reported being more satisfied than dissatisfied with the state of their business relationships with channel partners.
  • Greater confidence. Most firms polled said they do not expect the incentive payments they receive from vendors to drop in the near term.
  • Renewed optimism. Three respondents in five said they feel generally optimistic about the overall outlook for the IT channel in the modern economy.
  • Renewed consistency. Although the cloud remains the greatest precipitating factor of change, more than half of respondents said hardware remains a critical factor to the channel’s success.

Download this comprehensive report now from CompTIA, and learn how IT channel firms coped with transition in 2015.

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