5 Tools To Expand Your IT Security Offerings

Understand why all businesses need security help by downloading these free, peer-generated tools.

IT Security is no longer offered as an extra service — it’s an essential part of every solution provider’s portfolio. In fact, IT Security is consistently a top priority for companies, a trend that doesn’t seem likely to change.

While advanced persistent threats, denial of service (DoS) attacks and the looming IPv6 transition make headlines, what your clients really need is to understand the security issues that are important to their businesses. Even if you’re not primarily an IT security provider, you can help your clients understand the landscape of IT Security, and offer reliable security solutions.

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1. Explore Security Trends in the IT Channel

New threats continue to crop up in the security landscape, but most companies still view hacking and malware as the pre-eminent threats. Help your clients understand new threats, the importance of the human element and other factors they might be overlooking with our 11th Annual Information Security Trends Study. Learn how to protect assets in a changing IT landscape and explore security services trends like cloud, mobility, data-loss prevention and risk analysis in this two-part study, drawn with input from 1,000 IT and business executives.

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2. IT Security Assessment Wizard

Start the security infrastructure conversation with help from the IT Security Assessment Wizard. Created by members of CompTIA’s IT Security Community, this web-based, vendor-neutral tool uses a simple question-and-answer format to help you walk clients through a variety of security questions, and then produces a comprehensive customer profile focused on existing hardware, policies and security tools, plus security tools that could be added. Use the report as a springboard for what you can offer, including service, consulting and products.

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3. Quick Start Guide to Security Compliance

Standards and regulations impact your customers’ IT decisions, especially when you consider compliance mandates. The best IT service providers are leveraging compliance opportunities to give customers peace of mind while driving new revenue opportunities. CompTIA’s Quick Start Guide to Security Compliance gives you a basic understanding of compliance mandates across multiple industries within the IT landscape.

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4. 10-Week Guide to Business Continuity and Data Recovery

Information is the fuel that powers modern businesses, and to keep your clients’ data flowing, you’ll need to understand how to develop, operationalize and go to market with a business continuity and data recovery practice. Use our 10-Week Guide to Business Continuity and Data Recovery for an education in the planning, development and risk aspects of creating a related practice. Help your clients plan for disruptions and provide them with processes and systems to quickly restore data access and operations when things go down.

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5. Executive Certificate in IT Security Foundations

The mobile IT revolution in the workplace may have started because we love our phones and tablets, but it continues because business leaders understand the potential for increased productivity and improved connections with customers. The Executive Certificate in Mobility Foundations is an online workshop in which you examine different opportunities in the mobile space and investigate a framework for establishing your own mobile IT strategy. You’ll also consider the concept of mobile management and examine the stages of the mobile device lifecycle. Earn CompTIA’s Executive Certificate in Security Foundations and evolve from a solution provider to a trusted IT security advisor. Use this three-course certificate to gauge the impact of emerging trends on your customers’ businesses and explore ways to facilitate meaningful conversations around security. Then, learn to leverage those conversations into the design and implementation of new IT solutions. CompTIA’s Executive Certificates are available to Premier Members.

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