CompTIA Partner Summit 2020

The Next Wave: Reskilling the Workforce in 2020

Why Attend?

The winds of change caused by emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the way we live, work and communicate. The transformation is happening at revolutionary speed and creating seismic shifts in our economy and workforce. Instead of being dragged down in the undertow or just keeping our heads above the current, what if we caught the wave instead and harnessed its power?

A recent CompTIA study, Workforce and Learning Trends 2020, indicates the IT workforce is projected to grow at 1.6 times the national labor growth rate over the next decade. Given the tight labor market, employers are increasingly focused on reskilling their current workforce to stay upright and sail ahead. Reskilling is and will be the key to ensuring a “jobs for all” mindset prevails. The time for transformation is now.

Join CompTIA Partner Summit 2020 as we discuss this pivotal moment and explore how to reskill the workforce for success.

Catch the wave with us.

Who Attends?

This event is fine-tuned for academic educators, commercial trainers, government staff, corporate learning and development leaders, and instructors.

What Happens?

  • Join a forum for sharing classroom tips & tricks
  • Attend dynamic sessions
  • Hear industry experts share best practices
  • Gain access to powerful thought leadership
  • Network with peers & industry influencers
  • Watch demos of CompTIA Learning Resources

What’s the Focus in 2020?

CompTIA Products – Learn how CompTIA is connecting updates in our new exams with emerging skills and competencies. We’ll highlight how our certifications are associated with new and existing job roles, contextualized by presenters and panel participants.

Diversity in Cybersecurity – With 34% growth in cybersecurity job postings last year alone, we can’t afford a gender gap…but the numbers show that these roles are still dominated by men. This year, we’re examining digital inclusion and why diversity is vital to the cybersecurity landscape.

“Train the Trainer” Sessions – Back by popular demand, our CompTIA Instructor Network Community will offer training courses and provide access to valuable classroom resources. Join them as they host the first day of Partner Summit!

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