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TechGirlz Director’s Story to be Honored by Pennsylvania Conference for Women and Target

Nov 10, 2020

Philadelphia - TechGirlz, a program of Creating IT Futures, announced today that its director, Amy Cliett, has been honored by the PA Conference for Women and Target in their Women’s Stories of Hope and Inspiration Celebration

One of five women receiving this honor in 2020, Cliett and the other honorees will be recognized at the 2020 Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women on November 11. The Pennsylvania Conference for Women, the largest conference for women in the commonwealth, offers inspiration, motivation, networking, personal and professional development, and community.

Cliett was recognized for her work leading the TechGirlz team as they educate and inspire girls to explore all the possibilities in technology. Here is an excerpt from the award submission.

“Early in the pandemic, recognizing the extra educational and social needs that girls would have during stay-at-home orders, Director of TechGirlz Amy Cliett led her team to transfer all of their in-person workshops and camps to a virtual format in just four days. She and the team worked hard to find a way to ensure that no girls missed the opportunity to keep learning about tech and connecting with other girls interested in tech. As a result of these quick changes, TechGirlz has been able to schedule 75 virtual workshops, four week-long virtual camps and convert over 50 of the TechGirlz workshop topics to be held virtually. This venture would have been much more difficult without Amy’s guidance, coordination and insights. During all the upheaval to make this rapid change, Amy has been a steadying force for her team and the entire TechGirlz community with an open mind, always having an open virtual door policy, being a shoulder for her team to lean on and an example for the girls and parents in the TechGirlz community. All while still managing, caring for, and homeschooling her own children.”

Upon being notified that she received the honor, Amy responded "I'm honored to receive this award and even though it is my name being presented, I have to give credit and thanks to my amazing team and volunteers that are tirelessly moving the mission forward”.

The statistics noted above were submitted in June 2020.  TechGirlz team has gone on to expand its virtual offerings throughout the pandemic. As of October 2020, TechGirlz has held 194 virtual workshops with over 5,000 girls in 2020. Visit to learn more about the types of workshops being offered and volunteer opportunities available.

About TechGirlz
TechGirlz is a nonprofit program of Creating IT Futures that fosters a love for technology in middle school girls. Our free, open source technology courses can be used by anyone to inspire curiosity, impart confidence and build community as the foundation for the application of technology throughout a girl’s career and life. TechShopz courses have been taught by volunteer instructors in several states and four countries to tens of thousands of girls. To learn more or find out how you can participate, please visit

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Press Contact:  Gloria Bell