CompTIA Trustmarks

In today’s competitive world, your reputation is everything. At CompTIA, we believe in helping businesses of all sizes reach their highest potential. Our Trustmarks are the authenticated business credentials that position your company as a leader with proven best practices. Developed and rigorously audited by IT industry experts, CompTIA Trustmarks provide your customers with tangible proof that you are dedicated to the highest-quality service.

managedservicesManaged Services Trustmark

The CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark is given to companies who provide on-premises IT services. Companies who earn our Managed Services Trustmark have proven that they are truly committed to their customers by providing a complete managed services agreement, such as standard operating procedures, best practices, and the right systems and tools for delivering services.

managedprintManaged Print Trustmark

In response to the growth of businesses using managed print services, the CompTIA Community developed this Trustmark. Our Managed Print Trustmark helps you stand out as a leader, improving efficiency and offering innovative services for your customers.

itbusinessCompTIA UK IT Business Trustmark

The IT Business Trustmark is given to companies in the UK that successfully demonstrate their ability to provide quality service and sound business practices. When you earn our IT Business Trustmark, you will have access to a number of marketing and sales tools, all of which can help increase your profits and efficiency. The IT Business Trustmark is sure to boost your reputation!

securityplusSecurity Trustmark+

The CompTIA Security Trustmark+ is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and provides a cost-effective path for demonstrating compliance with key industry regulations such as PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, HIPAA, and others reliant on the NIST Framework. ISO, the International Organization for Standards, also currently maps into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and is reflected in elements of the CompTIA Security Trustmark+. By pairing an internal audit with a 3rd party assessment of the policies, procedures, and operations in place to identify, detect, protect, respond to, and recover from security incidents the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ provides immense value and daily applicability.

Trustmark Pricing

Trustmark Type Member Price Non-Member Price 
 CompTIA Trustmark$250$250£130$600$600£330
 CompTIA Security Trustmark+$1750$1750£1100$2000$2000£1250

*Excludes GST/VAT

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