Drone Industry Advisory Council

Who We Are

The CompTIA Drone Advisory Council works to increase awareness and adoption of business opportunities in the unmanned aerial systems ecosystem. Our members include industry leaders from hardware manufacturers, video and component manufacturers, mapping software developers, platform providers, insurance companies, experts in FAA regulations and policies, drone pilots and instructors, lawyers and flight service providers.

drone advisory councilWhat We Stand For

The Drone Advisory Council explores new routes to market for this fast-growing industry and acts as a think tank of subject matter experts. The group provides invaluable insight in the development of educational materials, research, tools, certifications and other business-enablement resources. The council collaborates with CompTIA’s other industry advisory councils around business applications, internet of things, blockchain and the IT channel. By working together, we are able to:

  • Identify and document industry best practice standards.
  • Showcase the application of emerging aerial technologies in business.
  • Refine and enhance industry requirements.
  • Foster greater adoption and expansion of drone technologies.

How We’re Making an Impact

We address relevant industry trends and issues affecting the drone market and its rapidly evolving platforms and methodologies by:

  • Analyzing best practices.
  • Helping the industry improve its operations and processes to accelerate success.
  • Demonstrating value for businesses to profit from market expansion and innovation.



Enrico Schaefer


UAV & IP Attorney,


Adam Gittins


General Manager,