Business Applications Advisory Council

Who We Are

The CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council is a group of thought leaders and subject matter experts representing cloud software platforms and applications. Our members provide valuable insight that helps develop resources and tools to help achieve specific business objectives and advance the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.

business applications advisory councilWhat We Stand For

The council is dedicated to exploring the benefits and opportunities created through SaaS, applications and cloud solutions. We also collaborate with CompTIA’s other industry advisory councils to further enable opportunities and partnerships around the IT channel, drones, blockchain and internet of things. Our goals include:

  • Exploring new routes to market and developing use cases that accelerate success.
  • Studying innovative methods to create, deliver and support business applications.
  • Fostering greater adoption and expansion of emerging technologies.

How We’re Making an Impact

Our members collaborate regularly to address relevant industry trends and issues affecting the business applications/SaaS market and its rapidly evolving platforms and methodologies. The results have had a positive impact on establishing new partnerships and promoting the value that SaaS holds in the market, including:

  • Refining industry best practice standards.
  • Improving operations through cloud and SaaS-enabled solutions.
  • Tracking market expansion and innovation.
  • Building industry-leading enablement programs, research and tools.


Wendy Petty

Wendy Petty


SVP Global Sales and Services,
erwin Inc.

Angus Robertson

Angus Robertson



Jason Eberhardt - BAAC Headshot

Jason Eberhardt

Vice Chair

Head of Global Cloud & MSP,

Leonard_B_2020 (1)

Brian Leonard

Vice President of Marketing,

thumbnail (1)

Ryan Burton

VP of product Strategy,

Amy-Hart-New (1)

Amy Hart

Director, Global Campaigns,

Sal Sferlazza - BAAC Headshot

Salvatore Sferlazza


Jim Lippie - BAAC Headshot (1)

James Lippie

GM/SVP Partner Development,
Kaseya International Limited

Jacqui Murphy - CAB

Jacqui Murphy

Chief Marketing Officer,
Auvik Networks Inc.

Brian Hamel

Brian Hamel


Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

Head of Global Channels,


Marc Haskelson

President & CEO,
Compliancy Group, LLC.