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Women comprise nearly 50% of the total U.S. workforce, yet only 15% of the technology workforce. The Advancing Women in Technology (AWIT) Community is dedicated to narrowing that gap. We help technology businesses create cultures that support women in tech and provide women with the tools, resources and network they need to build successful and lasting careers in the industry.

What We Stand For

The AWIT Community supports women who work in technology as well as those aspiring to a technology career. Members engage with people from the larger tech community through AWIT Connect and work to increase opportunities for women in technology.

How We’re Making an Impact

To achieve our mission, The AWIT Community offers its members access to:

  • Powerful speakers, workshops and networking opportunities.
  • DreamIT, a resource designed to encourage the next generation of women to pursue tech careers.
  • AWIT Connect, an online portal that connects you to hundreds of resources for women in technology.
  • Career advice, resources, testimonials and more.

Cristina Greysman


Partner Strategy, US SLG,
Amazon Web Services

Upcoming Events

IT Careers through Networking and Social Media - Advancing Women in Technology Q4 Virtual Meeting

13 November, 2019, 11 AM-12 PM

1100am CT / 1200pm ET
IT Careers through Networking and Social Media
Join the AWIT community for a virtual meeting where we will discuss the importance of networking when it comes to starting or advancing your career in technology and how to manage your social channels to benefit your personal brand. We will discuss how to increase your contribution to any  organization, and continuously develop your skillset through networking. A virtual meeting is not a webinar, it is an open meeting where all attendees are invited to participate in the discussion.

CompTIA Communities & Councils Forum (CCF) 2020

Chicago, IL
16 March, 2020-18 March, 2020