What Is on the CompTIA A+ (901/902) Exam?

CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for establishing a career in IT. CompTIA A+ supports the ability to connect users to the data they need to do their jobs regardless of the devices being used. Successful candidates will have the following skills:

  1. Configure, install and upgrade operating systems, including Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  2. Install and image virtual machines
  3. Set up and troubleshoot peripheral devices
  4. Assemble and disassemble computing hardware
  5. Set up and support basic home and small office networks
  6. Implement cybersecurity controls appropriate to help desk and technical support roles
  7. Troubleshoot and support end-user access to applications and data

The CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 902 exams address the increased diversity of technologies in today’s IT environments, from cloud computing and Linux to iOS and Android. The CompTIA A+ 900 series has expanded coverage of several domains by adding the following:

  1. Expanded coverage of mobile devices and operating systems
  2. Fundamental cloud concepts
  3. More security problem solving
  4. Significant increase in troubleshooting

How Many Questions Are on the CompTIA A+ Exams?

Each of the two CompTIA A+ exams has no more than 90 questions. The combination of the two exams required for certification will have no more than 180 questions.

After completing the exam, you will be asked to fill out some optional exit survey information about your study practices and why you decided to get certified. This will consist of about 12 multiple-choice questions.

What Types of Questions Are on the CompTIA A+ Exams?

The CompTIA A+ exams include a combination of multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop activities and performance-based items. The multiple-choice questions are single and multiple response. Performance-based items test your ability to solve problems in a simulated environment, which is why CompTIA A+ is recognized as a performance certification.

When taking the exams, it’s important to manage your time wisely. Most of the performance-based questions will appear at the beginning of the exam, and you won’t be able to see a clock when working on each one.

Practice is key! Click here to learn more about performance-based questions or to try a sample of a performance-based questions.

What Are the CompTIA A+ Exam Domains, and What Do They Cover?

The CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam includes the following domains and topics:

  • Hardware: Identify, use and connect hardware components and devices
  • Networking: Explain types of networks and connections including Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Wi-Fi and small office/home office (SOHO)
  • Mobile Devices: Install and configure laptops and other mobile devices
  • Network and Hardware Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot device and network issues

The CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam includes the following domains and topics:

  • Security: Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections
  • Windows Operating System (OS): Install and support Windows OS including command line and client support
  • Other Operating Systems: Understand Mac OS, Linux and mobile OS
  • Software Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues including application security support
  • Operational Procedures: Follow best practices for safety, environmental impacts and communication and professionalism

Want to review the detailed exam objectives? Click here.

How Long Is the CompTIA A+ Exam?

You will have 90 minutes to complete each of the exams. This does not include the time necessary to check in at the testing center – so plan to arrive a little bit early.

Ready for a career in IT?

CompTIA A+ is the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles and will help you launch your IT career – it's about much more than PC repair. Click here to learn more about CompTIA A+ and how it can help you get started.

We’ve made it easy to get started planning your path in IT. Begin by reading up on the four important steps toward your certification. Learn everything you need to know about the CompTIA A+ certification, and download the exam objectives and practice test questions to start learning right away.

CompTIA now offers a set of comprehensive learning resources that includes books, eLearning, labs and exam prep software. These resources are developed in house by CompTIA, based on feedback we hear from learners like you. Learn more about the exam training options for CompTIA A+ that have been developed to fit your particular learning style and schedule, many of which may be used in combination with each other as you prepare for your exam.

There’s a wealth of information to take you from deciding if CompTIA A+ is right for you all the way to taking your exam. We’re with you every step of the way!