CompTIA PTI Tech Talk: Members-Only Meeting | November Meeting

This meeting is for PTI jurisdiction members only.

Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM (ET)

Exclusive to PTI jurisdiction members, Tech Talk is a monthly series that will focus on technology topics of interest and importance to city and county leaders. Each session will feature a guest speaker and a group discussion.

Managing a Remote Workforce: Creating a Positive Environment for All

At the start of the pandemic as governments moved to remote work, there were numerous examples of how employees thrived, leading often to improved productivity and more team collaboration in a virtual environment. We are now entering the eighth month of the pandemic, with a large number of government employees still working from home. For those in a supervisory capacity, managing a remote workforce can be a challenge. For many there is still the mindset “if I can’t see you, how do I know you are doing your job?” For those who are used to walking around the office and checking in with their staff, these check-ins are now being done online. 

During this discussion, we will look at some of the difficulties (real and perceived) when managing a remote workforce, and build on the conversation to explore how remote work can be effectively managed to create a win-win environment for all involved. 
Please feel free to reach out to Dale Bowen with any questions.

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