CompTIA PTI Members-Only Tech Talk | February Meeting

Jurisdiction members are invited to participate in Public Technology Institute's February monthly meeting. 

Issues surrounding broadband infrastructure and the lack of public access to the Internet have been magnified over the past ten months as local governments have had to come up with creative new programs to facilitate Internet connectivity throughout their communities. Whether it has been through public-private or public-public partnerships, local governments are finding ways to create – and to fund – programs that address equitable access. During this discussion, Mitsuko Herrera, ultraMontgomery Director with Montgomery County, Maryland will share how the county has leveraged federal COVID-19 funding to install outdoor public Wi-Fi at 10 public library locations. We will then open the discussion and encourage members to share what they are doing with regards to ensuring that all community members have equitable access to reliable connectivity.

*This meeting is for PTI jurisdiction members only.*

Please contact: Dale Bowen at with any questions.

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