CompTIA Canadian Business Technology Community Virtual Session: What Is Your Body Language Saying During Online Meetings

Time:  1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

What Is Your Body Language Saying During Online Meetings


Join the CompTIA Canadian Business of Technology Community on Thursday, April 30, for a special virtual session with award-winning body language expert Angela Podolsky, on What Is Your Body Language Saying During Online Meetings. Whether you’re in a live or virtual meeting, you are always giving and receiving non-verbal messages. At this virtual session, we will give you tools and tips on how to shift from face-to-face to online and how to continue to build trust and credibility with your networks.

Following the keynote, you will have a chance to ask Angela your questions during a Q&A

During the session, we’ll explore the following:

  •      The two sides of the brain.
  •      Your emotional state and its impact on your health.
  •      How to best position your computer.
  •      How to have executive presence.
  •      What to look for in your employees to identify their state of mind.
Angela Podolsky Bio: Founder of Kinesics Consulting, Angela brings a unique set of skills, experience and tools to help both leaders and their organizations. Angela helps businesses and their owners achieve their full potential by mastering the art of body language and non-verbal communication. She works with companies of all sizes including world-renowned businesses in helping them and their teams improve their sales, interpersonal connections, negotiation and presentation skills. This knowledge enables personal growth and a better representation of your business, while also strongly contributing to a continuous growth in revenue.


Instagram: angela_podolsky

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